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New House in Old Neighborhood Draws Compliments on

From the street side

First Floor Plan

Shortly after the owners moved into this house in the well-established, historical Weymouth neighborhood of Southern Pines, they began receiving compliments on the "renovation". The only problem was, the house had just been built from scratch on a site that had been heavily wooded! Happily, the owners took the mistake as a further compliment.

Built for a small family with young children, this three bedroom house was of modest cost. We enjoyed the challenge of providing for them a design which took great advantage of the beauty of the site and gave them a crisp, modern sense of space and light that pervades the house. The plan is deceptively simple, and the experience is delightful.

This client has since added a freestanding two-car garage with a second-floor bed-bath/exercise suite, for which we provided design and construction management services.



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