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Portfolio : Residential : Hamiliton Residence

Picturesque cottage in Pinehurst accomodates work and play

View of the Front Entrance

An executive of an important golf association wanted to be able to work in her house, accommodate guests, and have a relaxing retreat from her busy travels. Her property, in the middle of Old Town Pinehurst, is a sloping site that affords the front access on the upper level from one street, and rear access one level down from another street.

While the house is not large, we were able to create distinct zones that maintain her privacy during the work week, allowing her to entertain business associates without bringing them into the more intimate parts of the house. The long side of the house is oriented to a charming garden, designed by her brother, who is a landscape architect. She has access from her kitchen, dining, living room, and porch to this garden.



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