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Portfolio : Education : Page Street Elementary School

A welcoming environment for children and their teachers.

Meeting the needs and budget specifications of local education.

Community access made easy.

This entire building was designed and constructed with a pre-engineered steel structure. Clad primarily in brick, the façade is colorful to be fun and attractive to little children.

Robert Anderson was the Design Director for this project. He worked with his staff to make the most of the structural system’s inherent economies, without allowing it to compromise the school’s operational and programmatic demands. The gym (detail at right) is one of the more efficient and well-resolved components. It is designed for after-hours community access and use.

Robert accomplished a straight-forward plan by making intersections between different wall heights with lower roofs, helping to prevent problematic roofing details. This also gives the project a well-scaled, “village” look, and facilitates way-finding.




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