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Portfolio : Education : Greenhope School and Park

Cary needed greater efficiency.

Gymnasium front entrace. Welcoming and practical.

Acoustics were a critical concern.

The Town of Cary paid for this gym and park to be built by Wake County Public Schools in an effort to more efficiently use county funds. The restrooms of this facility are accessible and securable from both the inside and the outside.

As in the Southern Pines gym, a quality wood court floor is surrounded by porcelain tile in order to help protect the wood. In addition to the Gym space and Restrooms, there is an Office and Equipment Storeroom. The mechanical room forms the Tower at this end.

The large volume necessitated great care with acoustics. The wood structure adds a sense of warmth to a large space and helps to diffuse lower frequencies. Robert Anderson programmed and designed this project while associated with a previous firm.



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